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This network is involved both in sending and hosting groups of students so it knows all the problems – and naturally also the best solutions – relating to student exchanges. The ETEN network has 16 member countries: 4 recieving countries: Austria, Hungary, Italy, Spain and 15 sending countries Bulgaria, Crotia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, and the United Kingdom which joined in 2018. The program offered by the ETEN network will have the following advantages: full scale implementation and writing of Erasmus+ applications, set up of host organizations and foreign jobs, provision of accommodation, travelling, 3 meals a day, passes for foreign public transportation, integration of cultural programs into the mobility program, conduct of project management, having insurance for mobility participants, close of the tender, preparation of a final report, having a team-building (preparation) class before travel, and when mobility ends, issuance of certificates andacknowledgements (EUROPASS). Professional practices may last 2 to 8 weeks; one bid may extend to several mobility periods with 5 to 25 people recommended for each of them. The number of accompanying teacher will be defined based on the age and number of mobility participants. Thanks to the ETEN network’s unique structure our units do not request for any additional remuneration from the institutes and participants for their cooperation.


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