Daniel Contreras

Phone:  +36706304549
E-mail: daniel.contreras@eten-network.net

My name is Daniel Contreras.
I am responsible for the Irish projects of
European Training and Education Network.
My job is to manage the local project
coordinators and make sure that we always
accomplish our work at the highest
standards. Our objective is to successfully
prepare, assist and manage ERASMUS+
applications for vocational institutions in

I have graduated as specialist of environmental protection and as geography teacher.  Besides working in the third sector I used to work for multinational companies and SME’s as well.  I have experience working as ISO 14001 specialist, teacher,  accountant, cook … while living in different countries on different continents. Over the past years I have been  managing projects in relation with environment protection and education.

I am very glad to work with ERASMUS+ programme because I myself had a chance in my life to experience and learn the benefits of vocational practices abroad. I think, that in this rapidly changing word the adaptability is a very important skill to learn and there is no such other program in our educational system as Erasmus, which would support the improvement of this key-skill so much.

It will be my pleasure to assist you in any matters related to ERASMUS+ mobility programme independently where you are from.