Nikolett Kékesi

Territorial Coordinator 

Phone: +36703966827

My name is Nikolett Kékesi,
the territorial coordinator for ETEN Network in Bulgaria.
Originally I am from Hungary, from a small university city, Szeged.

I graduated in the University of Pécs as a human resource manager after I worked as flight attendant in Italy, as an EVS Volunteer in Bulgaria, then I worked as a teacher in Colombia and through many volunteer possibilities I helped many South American NGOs in their work.

I got in touch with Erasmus+ and its previous programs quite early, in my high school years by participating short term youth exchanges in EU and volunteering. 

I always found this program a unique possibility for youngsters to discover more about their own culture and personality and of course to learn more about other countries, make friends, get a real life experience that later will help them to be more flexible, open minded and stay curious all the time.
In 2013 I started to work in Leonardo da Vinci innovation transfer projects and our goal was to train global career counselors to help university students entering the labor market.

I joined ETEN Network in May 2017 and since then I work with other Territorial Coordinators and my main task is to assist in extending our operations for other countries including Bulgaria.
As a former EVS volunteer, I spent almost one year in the small town of Lovech, I am really glad that again I have the chance to build further cooperations within Bulgaria and introduce them the possibility of Erasmus+.