Daniel Contreras

Daniel Contreras

National Coordinator of Spain / Ireland / United Kingdom


Tel: +36-70-630-4549
E-mail: daniel.contreras@eten-network.net

My name is Daniel Contreras.  I am responsible for the Spanish, Irish and the UK projects of the European Training and Education Network in the 2018/19 school year. My objective is to successfully prepare, assist and manage ERASMUS+ applications for vocational institutions in these countries.

I am a specialist of environmental protection and also a teacher. I am also founding member of several NGO’s and organizations. Besides working in the third sector I used to work for several multinational companies and SME’s as well. In the past years I am mostly involved in project managements.

I am very glad to work with ERASMUS+ programme because I myself had a chance in my life to experience and learn the benefits of
vocational practices abroad. I think, that in this rapidly changing word, adaptability is a very important skill to learn and there is no such other program in our educational system as Erasmus, which would support the improvement of this key-skills so much.

It will be my pleasure to assist you in any matters related to ERASMUS+ mobility programme regardless of where you are from.

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