Milda Poderytė

Milda Poderytė

National Coordinator of Lithuania


Tel: +37-06-243-0697

My name is Milda Poderytė, a territorial coordinator of ETEN network in Lithuania. I am 23 years old. I grew up in a little town near Vilkaviskis with my parents, two sisters and a brother. I finished Vilkaviskis music school, Vilkaviskis “Ausra” gymnasium and I graduated from Vilnius University in translation.

Erasmus+ Program was important for me since I was a secondary school student. With the help of Erasmus+ projects for youth I had an opportunity to visit Slovenia, Denmark, France and Romania. As a university student, I went to study in Portugal for six months in Coimbra University, in one of the oldest universities in Europe. I also did a three-month Erasmus+ internship in Italy, Milan, at Evolvo office. From this September I will make another Erasmus+ internship in Italy for graduated students.

The months I spent in Portugal, Italy and other countries under Erasmus+ program helped me to grow as a person, broaden my mind and the view of the world. Thanks to this program, I traveled for the first time abroad not for a holiday, but for a cultural exchange, I met my first foreigner friends, I was inspired to learn English better and I realized that that I want to live, learn and work in a multicultural environment. Thanks to the internship in Evolvo office, I was offered an opportunity to work with ETEN network as a territorial coordinator in Lithuania.

As Erasmus+ played such an important role in the formation of my personality and in finding a job, I am really glad to be a part of the ETEN network, as this way I can help other Lithuanian students to make it possible to travel abroad under Erasmus+ program for their first Erasmus+ experience.


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