Zoltan Ilko

Zoltan Ilko

National Coordinator of Poland


Tel: +421-915-045-813
E-mail: zilko.erasmusplus@gmail.com

I am Zoltán. I studied at the Catholic University in Ružomberok, at the Faculty of Theology, where I specialized in teaching of Philosophy and Religious Education.

I have been working for the the association 1CEBA (First Central European Benefit Association) since 2013. I was territorial project coordinator in the Czech Republic between 2013-2015. In this position I had to write applications, maintain the contact with the clients – schools, coordinate and realize projects. After successful years in Czech republic, from the summer of 2015 I became an ETEN project coordinator in Poland, where I have been working with Polish Vocational Schools.

While I was working with the Czech Vocational Schools, I earned a lot of experiences with the Erasmus+ EU framework programme. The Erasmus+ is one of the best inventions of the European Union. With our help several schools got chance to take their students and teachers abroad for work experience and practice. I think, that schools not always able to secure a high level professional practice for their students abroad. Our network provide support to schools for the whole time of the projects, from the very beginning until its realisation. All of the projects which I managed, were built on the ECVET system. I have been working with this elements since 2013.

During the years I learned that an abroad work experience could be very valuable, because it provide a new knowledge.

When I am not working on ETEN projects, I like to spend my free time on reading and traveling. I also take part in youth policy as a member of a youth organization.

In my opinion the Erasmus+ program is a great opportunity for students to explore Europe and meet other cultures. I am proud to say that my work includes helping younger generation to get lifelong experiences.

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